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Find the Best Medical colleges

Our counselling experts will help you find the best medical colleges around Europe.

Visa Process

Leave the hassle of visa procedures on us. Our experts are ready to help with all the proceedings.

Accomodation Support

Our site provides info for accommodations and confirmation to our users.

Local Language learning

Think of us when you need further assistance for finding best language learning centers around you at minimum cost. 

Travel Support

We are just not done yet! Our experts are happy to help you in getting any info starting from your destination to Europe.


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Meeting the Staff

Dr. Alexendra Petrova

I was looking for a post-graduation in radiology in Germany. Also I  had zero German language skills when I decided to enter the health care sector. The experts in Europortals not only helped me to find the correct language school, but they also helped me with the entire licencing exams and then to settle in Germany right from finding a flat to get me in touch with people from Brazil. I am really grateful for the help and support provided by Europortals!!

Jane Rotakowski, Medical Student

The whole journey of getting an admission into one of the top medical institutes has been made so awesome, thanks to Europortals. It is what it claims to be: A one-stop portal for everyone to enter the market of Europe.

Garry Francois, Developer

Europortals helped me to find a job in Germany within three weeks of sending my application.The only thing I did was to send my resume to Europortals, the rest was handled by my mentors they specifically chose according to my skills. I am amazed by the one-on-one mentorship of the experts who guided me throughout the whole processes. I would recommend anyone looking to enter the IT job market in Europe to enter through


Europortals is a company found in Hamburg, Germany with headquarters in Karlsruhe, Germany. Our vision is to make the journey of the aspiring medical students and IT or medical professionals a pleasant one, right from the application process to settling in Europe. It is one of the finest education and job consulting firm which enhances your growth towards a more scintillating future. Take us as your personal consultant and we will never let you down.  



Please be aware of frauds.  The company doesn't charge a single penny before the completion of the particular steps. The company will always charge you after the completion of particular procedure. The employees of the company will never ask for your credit /debit card details for authentication purpose. The company will always contact you through and you will always get the final call from +49-15773560858 .  If any payment is done apart from the above modes of contacts, the company will not be responsible for any losses. 

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